Its all about tea. And everything behind it. TEANU makes the best Assam Black Tea available to you. And when we say 'best', we mean 'best' in every aspect. The tea is sourced directly at a small-scale farm. We know every person working there and make sure they are all paid exceptionally well. The tea is throughly handcrafted, from plucking till rolling, every step is traditionally conducted by hand. This traditional production ensures the tea's unique flavor and awesome taste. 


We simply offer you one of the the best available Assam black teas on the market. We don't make any compromise when it comes to quality: Only the freshest leaves are plucked and used, the experienced tea farmer himself oversees the whole production process and of course, the entire production process is done manually, according to the old traditions of making tea. This ensures you get an Assam black tea of unique taste: full of flavor but not too bitter, rather mild, but far from watery, a little flowery and fruity but without losing the traditional taste of black tea. 

Try it, you won't be disappointed!

100g Assam Black Tea - Spring Harvest 2016 (First Flush)

This Spring 2016 Assam has a distinctive and very exquisite taste. The very mild and light flavor with a fruity note makes it a truly delicious choice. 


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We believe our tea should be entirely amazing. Of course, above all in terms of its taste and quality. But we don't stop here. We believe running a business does not only imply responsibility for the customers, but also for the producers. This is why we only cooperate with small-scale tea farmers we know personally. We know their farm, their family and all the employed workers. In this way, we make on the one hand sure to maintain the high quality according to our own standards. On the other hand, we know whom we pay, we know the conditions in which the employed workers work and make sure they are paid a decent salary.


It all began during an eight-month backpacking trip through Eastern Europa and Asia that I was undertaking in 2013, just after finishing school, to travel parts of the world one usually doesn't get to see and talk to people one usually doesn't get to talk to. In order to do so, I worked at many different places in several countries along my travel route. Among these places was a small tea garden in Assam, in Northeast India. This tea garden was located within a beautiful landscape in Northern Assam, far away from any bigger town, providing perfect conditions for the tea bushes. And here, I have been introduced into the traditional art of producing tea and tasted the best tea I had ever had in my life.

In addition to the fantastic taste of the tea, I also experienced the hard work lying behind each single cup of tea, especially due to the traditional hand rolling process. This process is barely used anymore: The industry simply rolls the tea mechanically and for the small-scale tea farmers it is very hard to find customers who are willing to pay a price premium for hand rolled tea despite the tea being simply amazing. That is why, instead of producing the fresh leaves themselves, they are often forced to sell them to factories for a mere chicken feed, almost nothing.

And so a venturesome thought matured in my mind: Why not sell this fantastic tea in Europe? This would allow me to pay the farmers a very good price so that they can make a profit from growing tea, rolling it themselves manually and also pay their workers a decent salary while keeping the old, traditional way of producing tea alive. But even better, this would benefit tea consumers all over the world as they would get a chance to try this awesome, delicious, hand rolled tea, which is barely to find any longer. And here I am, running this business besides my studies of philosophy & economics, selling fantastic tea to you guys and working closely with the farmers growing it, so that all sides benefit. 


If you have any enquiries, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us. We are a small company and care about our customers, so if you have any issue, we will do our very best to help you!

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